High Definition CCTV

High Definition CCTV gives Mega Pixel resolution for excellent live and recorded CCTV footage. HD CCTV offers high quality evidence to identify or recognise people or vehicles.

High Definition CCTV Cameras

HD definition cameras range from 1MP up to 16MP resolutions. HD CCTV cameras use the Internet Protocol IP which allows them to be networked in to fixed or radio networks. Microwave radios can be used to transmit the video data between sites or buildings to easily extend CCTV coverage.

CCTV Camera

HD CCTV Dome Camera

CCTV Network Video Recorder

All video from he cameras can be stored on SD cards which is referred to edge storage but typically video is transmitted to a central recorder called a NVR. It houses hard drives to store video footage and users access to watch either live or recorded CCTV footage.

Network Video Recorder

HD CCTV Network Video Recorder

Remote Viewing of CCTV

As the CCTV is networked into the router it is possible to view live and recorded CCTV through the internet. A phone , tablet or PC is used to gain access to CCTV off site.

CCTV on Phone

Viewing CCTV over the Internet


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