WiFi Coverage for Guest Internet

A WiFi access point that allows internet access for phones, tablets and computers only has a limited coverage area. This is a problem when you require WiFi access in large open areas and buildings. To improve coverage multiple WiFi access points have to be installed and networked back to the broadband router to allow guests at site to have internet access. Marsh Hill Farm in Herefordshire required WiFi coverage for their Bed and Breakfast rooms, Holiday Let, Gym and Campsite. 


WiFi Solution

To extend the WiFi network from the main farm building to the Gym and Campsite a point to multi-point radio system was used. Attached to each radio at the gym and shower block a WiFi access point allows guest WiFi access to the internet . For the Holiday Let and Bed & Breakfast rooms cables were installed to network the WiFi access points back to the broadband router. 

In total 5 WiFi access points were deployed configured to limit time duration and network bandwidth for guest access . A WiFi controller provides monitoring and configuration of the WiFi system at Marsh Hill Farm. Each guests profile is logged with time duration and MAC address for future administration if needed.  The WiFi controller is accessible via the cloud making remote technical support possible.   

In the Gym the WiFi provides video streaming services for the smart TV allowing guests using the Gym to watch their favorite channels.

WiFi Campsite

WiFi Marsh Farm House Campsite Shower Block for Guest WiFi on Campsite

Guest WiFi

WiFi Access Point on barn for Gym WiFi and Holiday Let Point to Multi-point radio to extend WiFi to Gym and Campsite



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