About Us

McKelvie Solutions have provided their technical expertise for IT data networks, Wireless systems, WIFI coverage and CCTV in Herefordshire for over 10 years.

McKelvie Solutions measures its success with the high retention of its satisfied local Herefordshire customer base. Customers are residential and commercial. McKelvie Solutions have been involved with some of the most prominent Herefordshire businesses.

McKelvie Solutions technical expertise and customer support has proven to be our most valuable asset, when providing our services for Wireless systems, WIFI, data networks and CCTV. Converging network systems together allows customers to choose McKelvie Solution for their security and network requirements.

McKelvie Solutions can improve your WIFI for your home, Guest House, Camping Site or Hotel. With Guest control and even Guest marketing solutions. WIFI can be extended between buildings using our Point-to-Point wireless solutions. If you need security, then CCTV can also be transmitted over the wireless network. McKelvie Solutions can segregate different traffic on your network for security and network efficiency

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