Radio and CCTV Solutions Herefordshire

In challenging or remote locations, the quickest and practical way of transmitting CCTV video is using wireless. To do this a supplier needs to have expertise not only in security CCTV but wireless engineering competence. McKelvie Solution based in Herefordshire are the obvious choice to plan and install your wireless network and CCTV systems.

Modern networks, wireless and CCTV use Internet Protocol IP to network devices together and transmit data. IP High Definition CCTV and IP wireless networking devices provide the solution to view and record high quality resolution images.

McKelvie Solutions use specialised CCTV software which normal security companies do not use. These solutions are more user friendly and reliable then cheap CCTV systems that are available. Customer satisfaction is high due to the best-in-class solutions McKelvie Solutions offer for CCTV and Wireless network solutions.

Modern Wireless networks are cost effective and are reliable when transmitting CCTV video. When planning CCTV networks using radio reduces installation time and cost. Using radio for CCTV in challenging or hazardous environments is the obvious option to prevent exposure during installation.



    Installation of CCTV, Radio and Fixed IP Network Services.

    CCTV Installation


    Path Profile Analyses for Microwave Networks or Coverage Planning for WiFi

    .RF Planning

  • Bespoke Radio Solutions

    RF network design service our MX1 Solution is a bespoke Mesh Radio solution


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